Kikai Digital Studio – Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy
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The Main Cast


Favourite Coffee: Actually, she prefers to tea.
Quote: “I eat sweets everyday to remind myself what happiness feels like!”


Favourite Coffee: Anything she brews for herself – She’s just that good.
Quote: “Even if you’re so poor you’re homeless on the streets, you still shouldn’t give up on good coffee. No coffee, no life.”



Favourite Coffee: Caramel Latte with cream on top
Quote: “I can brew 200 espressos in a day, beat that!'”


Favourite Coffee: Mayan Single Origin Medium Roast
Quote: “Caffeine isn’t just for coffee duels, it’s for building a better world. Can’t everyone just live in peace and harmony with each other?”

Original Music Composition – Listen to our BGM on SoundCloud



There will be romance elements, but story is king. 20,000 words have already been written on world-building ALONE.

Choice Matters

Every choice matters. Characters will remember what you said and react accordingly in later chapters, opening up different dialogues.

Non-Branching Main Plot 

From beginning to end, you get to interact with every character, while still enjoying different endings and scenarios.

All sprites have been animated in Live2D, giving you a lively experience. Original music have been composed, to create an atmospheric victorian / steampunk / fantasy environment.

We’re serious about coffee – Yes, we are.